Industrial Fruit Juice Processing

„Africa´s Liquid Gold©"

„Africa´s Liquid Gold“ is a natural product with natural flavors, colors and freshness. We can process raw fruit to fruit-puree. The edible part of the entire or peeled fruit are stranded. The fineness of the puree depends on the sieve size. Thanks to a closed, continues system the product is processed gently and hygienically, giving more intense aroma and flavor in the end product.

The products are used in water-industry, soft-drink industry, fruit-juice industry, beer-industry, wins & spirits industry, diary industry, ice-cream industry, confectionery industry, bakery industry, food-service industry as well as in chemical and farmacutical industry.

Naturalness and Bio

More and more consumers want to reconcile a health-oriented lifestyle with the freedoms and constrains of modern society. Increasingly, artificial additives as well as manufacturing processes are perceived as disturbing or irritating. Consumers demand safety and natural cultivation practices.

What makes a food or beverage a success – taste, colour, scent, mouthfeel or healthy added value.

Genetipulation-free food and drink or evidence of naturalness and purity in the product promise are becoming more and more important. Originality and authenticity of food must take into account criteria such as freshness, quality and the naturalness of the food.

With a higher demand for life comfort, there is also a strong need for high-quality food. Then, e.g. A higher juice content, natural flavours and colours as well as an appropriate additive in the drink plays an important role in the decision for a product. This consumption is usually described as „bio trend".

Globalization and lifestyle

Globalization is also reflected in consumer behaviour. Through the global tourism the world grows culinary. Asian, African, American or Indian flavours are becoming more and more popular with beverages, ice cream and dairy products.

Exotic fruits and fruit combinations are in full swing. So, always new, trendy and "hip" products are in demand on the market - a mixture of tradition and modernity.

Capture the Fruit Value Opportunity of Africa

“Fruit” is heterogeneous, including a broad set of varieties that can be consumed either in fresh form or in several processed forms. Countries that can effectively produce fruit in accord with international food safety regulations can access the international export market, especially in the EU and North America. The remaining fruit can be processed—to extend its useful life far beyond the natural harvest cycle or to increase its inherent value, or both. So, opportunities to add value in the fruit sector are not just limited to processing. Indeed, developing fresh fruit exports is a golden opportunity for most large fruit producers today. 

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