Management Consulting


Zell & Co. offers a wide selection of services, which we adept to meet the needs of our clients. Our scope of activities are;

- Consulting: Business development and start up, Consulting to/and Coaching of Management, Project Management, from Analysis to Implementation and Engineering of Master Plan.

- General Trading: Commercial Commodities, Machinery and Industrial Projects.


Zell & Co represents a team of highly dedicated and professional consultants. Each of them guarantiees a personal commitment to find a solution to the clients requests and to obtain full customer satisfaction. Our strategy is to build long term partnership with the customer's management when developing concepts and during the implementation of the projects.

Zell & Co. has solid management experiance from small, medium sized and lardge companies. Positions have been held and projects have been executed in a wide range of business entrprices - e.g. handicraft, building and road construction, mechanical and electrical engineering, wholesale and retail of food and non food products, light and heavy industrial production, industrial fruit juice processing, transport sector and gastronomy. Through various international assignments over the past 40 years has Zell & Co. collectedi a broad range of experiance. This includes studies andanalysis, engineering, project management and implementation of projects in geographical areas as Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, MENA-Region and North America. We can help you make  an assessment, define an action plan and implementing it together with you. We are able to structure your needs and assist you in formulating goals and objectives to develop your business to its true potential. In addition, we help you overcome cultural differences when making business in foreign cultures.


For non core business areas, Zell & Co. co-operate with a network of specialised partners offering complementing products and services. These partners are highly qualified and focused on professional consulting.


Zell & Co. have a very flexible approach and always suit our services to match the exact requirements of each client. We assist with the specific services most needed - be it assesements, analysis, surveys, startegies, coaching, implementation or a combination of all of them and more.


Welcome to contact us with specific request or for un unprejudiced discussion on how we can assist you to grow your own business with increased profitability. However we are very flexible when it comes to tailoring our services to meet the requirements of each client / partner. We will be happy to hear from you even if the service that you need is not directly mentioned here. Please contact us for more information by phone or E-Mail.

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