P  O  W  E  R  S  A  F  E

Plug and Play Container

The container measures 2850 mm in height, 2250 mm in width and 2220 mm in length and weights some 3.800 kg

The steel container`s main characteristics are:

Heavily insulated walls, roof and floor. Light aluminium substructure stored in container for transport. Design and main components are made in Germany, and assembly in South Africa. All equipment, incl. solar generators / panels are included in the container.

-  Highly efficient air-conditioning

LiFePo4 battery technology German designed Inverter 400 V / 3 phase and Battery Management Storage System (RBMSS).

Continuous output per hour: starting from 10 kVA, can easily be scaled up. Additional 20% of the produced output by the solar PV panels are available each hour during day time. The solar generator / panels of 270 Wp each are installed at a 10º angle on top of the container.

TÜV certification (German certification for quality and safety)

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